Quality Teaching

Our students consistently score among the top 10% in New Zealand in Cambridge examinations.

Category 1 Institution

Mount Maunganui Language Centre is an NZQA Category 1 Institution.

Quality Location

Study in the centre of a beach resort. What better place to go and relax after a hard day’s study?

Frequently Asked Questions

Mount Maunganui - that's an unusual name. I’ve never heard of this place before, where is it?

Mount Maunganui is one of New Zealand's best-loved beach resorts - this is where New Zealanders go for summer holidays. Come and find out why!

So this school is not in Auckland?

That's right, we are located about 2.5 hours drive from Auckland International Airport.

This school is by the beach, does that mean it's just for fun, and not for serious study?

Definitely not! Yes we are in a fun location, but our study programmes are serious.

If you want a six-month Academic Preparation course, or if you just want to brush up your English for two weeks, we take your study goals seriously.

And after all that hard work, the beach is the perfect place to relax!

Lots of schools offer General English and Exam Preparation courses, why should I choose yours?

Being a small school means the number of students per class is lower, so you have more chances to speak with your teacher than in a big class.

Our students consistently achieve in the top 10% of exam scores in New Zealand in Cambridge examinations. Being small means we treat you like a member of our own family.

I want a guarantee of quality; can your school give me this?

YES. our school is a member of ENGLISH NEW ZEALAND - a federation of top-quality English Language Schools New Zealand. ENGLISH NEW ZEALAND set strict standards of quality which all members must meet.

We are registered with the NZQA, the official New Zealand Government body, and we are signatories to the New Zealand Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Am I too old or young to study here?

We accept students from 14 years old, and we have no upper age limit. The average age of our students is 22 years old, but we regularly have students aged in their 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. Any age is a good age to learn English!

OK, I think I'd like to study at this school. What is the next step?

Great! You can apply online to begin your application. If you need some help in your country please contact us for a list of our agent partners who can help you.

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